Healing is not so easy as we get older

I’ve been off exercise for a few months now. I’m doing quite a bit of walking, but that’s not really exercise, is it? Better than sitting on the couch, for sure, so I’ll take it.

My goal has been to allow my left shoulder to heal. It’s been hurting me for about a year now. I am not sure what caused the pain, but it feels like a torn labrum.

I don’t recall having traumatized the shoulder, but I noticed minor pain one day. I tried to work through it, as I have always done with minor pain, but six months later the joint’s mobility was very much limited, although it hadn’t affected my daily life … yet.

Then came winter, and I noticed that putting on my jacket in my usual way was not possible. I had to more or less throw the jacket over my left shoulder. I couldn’t simply put my arm through the sleeve and shrug it up. I had earlier noticed that I could no longer do a proper jumping jack, because I couldn’t lift my left arm up all the way to meet my right hand at the top.

Hmmmmm…. Okay, age, you wore me down!

So, here I am, walking a lot, and not doing my favorite extreme routines.

At least this no-exercise plan is working! My shoulder feels much better now, and it gets better every day. I can almost do a good jumping jack. Putting on my jacket is much easier.

But, damn, this healing process is … so … slow.

I hope that once I am good to go, I’ll be motivated enough to get right back into it, because I’m eager to be fit again.