Here’s what some of the people I’ve assisted and worked with have said:

“The Ultimate Reset gave me the tools and hope that it could be done. I was hurting so bad that my doctor encouraged me to STOP, but as the days passed and with your encouragement, Steve, it got better and better. Over the years of my illness I tried so many things to no avail but this worked far beyond what anyone could have dreamt. I hope it lasts a lifetime and I am free for now. I have been asked would I encourge other to do it the way I did and to be honest I wouldn’t. Not only did I have to detox from foods but from the drugs and it was BRUTAL.”

“Thanks,┬áSteve! You have been very helpful and encouraging! You do a wonderful job providing insight and support!”

“Thanks, Steve. I really appreciate all your support through this whole thing!!!”

“Thank you, Steve!”

“Hey, Steve, I wanted to thank you for all your help on my Reset journey. I learned a lot, and I would encourage you to continue, because everyone who does this will need that expert advice.”

“Steve Circeo, you crack me up!!”

“Thanks, Steve!”

“Steve can I just say you’re awesome. ­čÖé Thanks!”

“I just expressed my frustration about our eating habits with my husband, and we pulled over and got 30 bucks of fruit. Glad I expressed my frustration with him. Thank you, Steve!”

“Steve, you’ve been a BIG help for me. I’m grateful for the help and support.”

“Thanks, Steve, you’re awesome!”

“I must give PROPS to Steve Circeo. This man is an angel. He has cheered with me, showed compassion beyond belief, empathized, sympathized and always kept encouraging. As I prepare to run the winner’s circle in my mind tomorrow that I was able to finish 100%, I will be raising my glass to you, Steve. (Sorry, but it will be water in the glasses.) I couldn’t have done it without you. From my heart to yours thank you … I did it!”

“Thank you, Steve!”

“I love it!! Thanks, Steve, for all of ur help along the way…great motivation and help.”

“Steve always here to the rescue!”

“Thank you Steve!!!”

“Thank you, Steve! You are a lifesaver!”

“Steve, you’re like a rockstar. Haha!!”

“Thank you for suggesting I try a vegan shake… this morning it really helped me. No stomach cramping and it’s now 11:15 and only now my stomach is starting to growl. Feeling pretty optimistic.”

“Thank you,┬áSteve! Powerful advice. I have been afraid to eat too much of anything for fear of weight gain, but you are so right: This is about so much more than weight!”

“Thanks,┬áSteve, you have been very helpful, supportive and have shared some great information. I really appreciate it. It really has made a positive difference for me on my transformation journey. Thanks again!”

“Steve Rocks!!!”

“Thank you, Steve! That bit of encouragement is just what I needed!”

“You have been a constant source of great info and very helpful support – it is much appreciated!!!”